History | From Subject to Global Citizen: Politics and Identity in Modern Europe
B303 | 14357 | McGrath

Above class open to undergraduates and EDUC MA's only

Are you a citizen? Is your citizenship the same as your nationality?
Who are the people in the world with whom you identify?  This course
seeks to examine the events of the past two and a half centuries
that have allowed the educated Westerner to look around himself and
see a world of interconnected nations in which each of us has a set
of obligations and responsibilities to people we will never meet in
countries many of us will never even visit. This modern worldview
represents a distinct break from the worldview of our very recent
ancestors whose identities were based on religion and a sense of
being from a very small place. This course will focus on changing
patterns of thought and political events as a means of forming an
understanding of how that change took place.