History | American History II
H106 | 8490 | Young

Above class open to undergraduates and EDUC MA's only

How and why has America changed since the days of Abraham Lincoln?
This course seeks to answer that question by surveying the major
developments and trends in American history over the last century-
and-a-half.  We’ll focus on the critical impact of industrial
capitalism on American society, the emergence of various forms of
cultural difference, and the changing American role in the world.
Along the way, we’ll examine writings by politicians and factory
workers, look at overwrought propaganda posters and cranky cultural
critics, and learn how the first “talking” feature film reflected
and challenged the culture of its time.  Using the tools and
resources of historians, you’ll learn how our understanding of
American history shapes our view of society today.

This course consists of lectures and classroom discussions.  Each
week, students will read two textbook chapters and one additional
short source.  Quizzes, in-class essays, and a midterm and final
exam will measure your understanding and encourage your analysis of
modern American history.