History | Medieval Civilization
H206 | 14356 | Hunot

Above class open to undergraduates and EDUC MA's only
Above class carries Culture Studies credit

The Middle Ages have the misfortune of being seen as a space filler,
a time of decline after the Roman Empire and a period of darkness
before the Renaissance. But was it really all that dark? This class
will explore the good times and the bad of medieval Europe as we
travel across space and time from Imperial Rome to Columbus’ journey
to a new world, we will examine the religious, political, economic,
and cultural forces that eventually gave birth the to the Europe of
today. The course grade is based on:
• Participation
• Two quizzes
• A paper project
• A final

In this class you will:
• Learn to analyze primary sources
• Learn about the debates in current scholarship
• Learn to develop academic writing skills: Research, argument,
evidence, and analysis