Labor Studies | Bringing Human Rights Home to Indiana
L390 | 8880 | M. Thandabantu Iverson

This is a web-based course offered through OnCourse.

LSTU-L 390 Bringing Human Rights Home to Indiana, 3 cr hr. Class
number 8880 Second Summer. Class dates are June 17  August 12,
2011.  How might the life chances of children, the workplace and
civic rights of workers, the personal security and democratic voice
of minorities, and the economic well-being of all Hoosiers and
Americans be improved if there were greater support for human rights
in our region and nation?  This online course will address such
questions and provide participants with an introduction to human
rights principles, treaties and statutes; examination of current
human rights violations; and options for rebuilding a vibrant human
rights culture and politics in the United States. Instructor: M.
Thandabantu Iverson, LSP, IUN.