Political and Civil Engagement | Issues in PACE: Common Good
C300 | ALL | Bucur

The Common Good: Lessons from History
This course counts toward the PACE certificate, http://pace.indiana.edu.

Politicians, comedians, social workers, and actors are discussing with
a sense of urgency the notion that our society has lost its sense of a
common good, of goals that citizens can agree on and politicians
understand. The beginning of the Tea Party gatherings in the U.S. are
one facet of this crisis in faith in civil society. We are also going
through a crisis of civility in public discourse about what binds us
together other than laws and institutions.

This course will attempt to both understand what the common good has
been and may become, and also will ask students to act on behalf of
what they understand to be 'the common good,' stepping outside the
regular boundaries of a classroom environment. The course will offer
several historical examples for each theme and ask students to think
about these examples comparatively and in relation to their own
current realities. Each theme would be represented by case studies and

Different guest lecturers/faculty will present to the class. Students
will have to participate in constructing their own common good as
discrete projects and also as members of the classroom community.