Political Science | Intro to Comparative Politics
Y107 | 13370 | Ryan Brasher

Y107: Introduction to Comparative Politics
What are the crucial preconditions for a thriving democracy? Why are
some countries continually plagued by instability and civil war, and
not others? How do protest movements successfully overthrow
authoritarian regimes? How come governments in advanced industrialized
societies in Europe have a much greater hand in economic life compared
to their American counterpart? Why donít all democracies in the world
have two dominant parties like we have in the US? These are some of
the questions we will seek to answer by focusing on both substantive
differences across countries as well as the logic behind the
comparative method itself.

While lectures from the instructor will be necessary to introduce
crucial concepts and provide context, this class is also envisioned as
a forum for discussion, where students will learn from the reading,
each other, and some helpful film material.