S101 | 6850 | Vasseur

9:00AM-10:05AM   MTWR  BH 204

What is the environment and how should human relate to it? Who decides
when something is an environmental problem?  What is being done to
solve the problem of global climate change? What happens to all of the
“stuff” we buy? What are corporations, governments, environmental
movements and even local citizens doing, or not doing, to solve the
environmental challenges of today? Is sustainable development possible
or even probable?
These questions and many more are best answered by applying a
sociological perspective to the natural environment. This course
applies the insight so sociology to the study of the environment.
Rather than the environment as separate from human activity we ask how
human activity shapes the natural world. We explore the effects of
human activity on the environment at the local, national, and global
levels to demonstrate that human activity has consequences on the
environment all across society.