Sociology | CRIMINOLOGY (3CR)
S325 | 13231 | Knight

6:30PM-8:45PM  TR  BH 330

Few aspects of social life invoke the range of emotional responses
from the American public that crime does.  However, our ideas about
crime, criminals and corrections are often shaped more by
dramatization and pervasive cultural messages than social science.
In this course students will be introduced to sociological
perspectives regarding crime, criminality, and the criminal justice
system.  We will survey a variety of theories of crime causation,
examine crime and incarceration trends, and explore controversial
issues within the field.  Some of the topics covered include measuring
crime, the historical evolution of definitions of crime and
punishment, the processing and management of offenders,  drug control,
violent crime, the rape-kit controversy, victim’s rights, the debate
over ‘psychological profiling,’ the death penalty, and crime in the