S335 | 8038 | Prewitt

10:30AM-11:35AM  MTWR BH 340

Race is a dynamic process that continues to influence life in the
United States. Incredibly complex in nature, race/ethnicity shapes our
perceptions of ourselves and others, our interactions, and impacts our
life chances. In this course, we will begin by discussing the
biological myth of race through focusing on the key historical figures
and events that have shaped our contemporary ideas about race. We will
then move to a more contemporary discussion about what race/ethnicity
“means” for us in the 21st century. Through articles, books, and
television/movies, we will explore not only our assumptions about what
we think race is, but also the ways in which people form and
experience racial identities, the impact of race on life chances, and
the state of current race relations in the United States.