S370 | 6852 | Kincaid

2:45PM-3:50PM  MTWR  BH 135

LAB: 5:15PM-6:20PM  MTWR  BH 107

In our daily lives, we rely on a variety of strategies to make sense
of the social world.  The same can be said of sociological research,
although social scientists have developed these strategies into
research methods in order to make them more systematic and useful.

In this course, research methods are our subject matter. We will
learn about the variety of methods that are typically employed in
Sociology and their relative strengths and weaknesses, when the use
of one method is appropriate or inappropriate for the research
question, and how to design research to answer those nagging
questions we have about the social world. In other words, the goal
of this course is to emerge as competent amateur sociologists with
the knowledge to better evaluate social science research and the
tools to actually conduct your own research. Having these skills is
a crucial part of studying social phenomena, whether you plan to
continue your work as a sociologist in graduate school and beyond or
to find a full-time job outside of academia.