Chemistry | Elementary Chemistry I
C101 | ALL | Tba

Prerequisite:  It is assumed that students enrolled in C101 have had little (if any) previous chemistry classes.  If you have had some, the earlier material in the course might be familiar.

NMNS	C101 is an introduction to chemistry and is taken concurrently with C121.  The two sequences, C101-C121 and C102-C122, usually satisfy programs that require only two semester of chemistry.  Admission to advanced courses on the basis of C101-C121 and C102-C122 is granted only in exceptional cases.  C101 may be taken in preparation for C105 by students with deficiencies in chemistry.  There is both a lecture and a discussion associated with C101.

Topics covered:  Elements, ions, atomic and molecular structure, chemical reactions, solutions, equilibrium, acids and bases.

Credit is given for one of the following:  C100, C101, C105, or S105.

Textbook:  "Foundations of College Chemistry" by Hein/Arena, Brooks/Cole Publishing.