Spanish & Portuguese | Hispanic Colloquium
S495 | 4740 | Harris

S495 Hispanic Colloquium (3 credits)
P: S331 & S332 or equivalent or consent of the Department.

Topic: Contemporary Caribbean Fiction

This seminar course examines selected contemporary Caribbean novels and
short stories.  The class will discuss unique qualities and characteristics
manifest in fiction from this region and additionally we will ascertain
socio-political considerations associated with these elements.  Texts that
emphasize or highlight marginalized voices such as those of women and
people of African and indigenous descent will form the thematic foundation
of the material studied.  The authors include Gabriel García
Márquez, Rosario Ferré, José Luis González,
Señal Paz and Quince Duncan among others.  Supplementary materials
will be used such as literary studies, videos, newspaper articles and the

Section #4740 10:30-11:45A   MWR   BH337   Prof. Manny Harris