History | A200 4467 America's Encounters in E.Asia 9:30-10:20 D TV226 Yu
A200 | 4467 | Yu

Above section open to undergraduates only

The Cold War originated in Europe, but it was in Asia that the war turned
hot for the United States. Why did America fight in Korea and Vietnam? Why
have American images of China and Japan fluctuated so much since World War
II? This course will suggest some of the answers to these and other
important questions by exploring American cultural, diplomatic, political
and economic experiences in East Asia from World War II to the end of the
Cold War. Lectures will identify the sources of America's Asian
entanglements to help students understand the ways that Americans viewed
China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. Themes of race and gender, colonialism,
imperialism, nationalism, and modernization will be examined through
assignments that link readings, lectures, films, research, and in-class
discussion. Students will not only learn about wars and crises but also
acquire the study skills of reasoning, critical thinking and writing that
will prove valuable in their effort to understand U.S. encounters in East