History | J400 4472 Last Tsar: Life & Times of Nicholas II 2:30-4:40 TR BH235 Eklof
J400 | 4472 | Eklof

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This course examines the turbulent reign of Nicholas II, the last Romanov
to hold the throne of the Russian Empire. We begin with the life of the
Tsar and his family, using both a popular pot-boiler biography and a
recent film series based upon an extensive photographic collection; next
is a well-crafted scholar biography of Nicholas as a public figure. After
that we examine the autocratic political structure, problems of empire,
social change and discontent, daily live, cultural change and, finally,
Russia in World War I.

Format: This is a reading, discussion and research seminar designed for
history majors with or without background in Russian history. For
background, students are encouraged to read John Thompson, Russia and the
Soviet Union (Westview: Fourth Edition)

Requirements: Written homework assignments and two take-home exams.

Readings: [subject to change]
Robert Massie, Nicholas and Alexandra
Adam Ulam, The Bolsheviks
W. Bruce Lincoln, In War's Dark Shadow

On Reserve:
David Christian, Power and Privilege
Hans Rogger, Russia in the Age of Modernization and Revolution
Vladimir Andrle, A Social History of Twentieth Century Russia
Dominic Lieven, Twilight of the Empire