Philosophy | Thinking and Reasoning
P105 | 4554 | Barcelo

Good ideas can go a long way, but in academia as well as the business world,
good ideas are not enough.  You need to back them with good and well-
presented reasons.  If you want to make a good case for an idea, you need to
offer a good argument for it.  A good argument does not only provide good
reasons for accepting its conclusion, but also presents it in a clear and simple
way.  In this course, you will learn the basic tools for the identification and
effective communication of reasons.  You will learn to recognize, analyze and
criticize other people's arguments as well as your own.  This will improve your
power for rational decision and persuasion.

Evaluation for this course will be based on class participation as well as some
combination of homework and partial quizzes.  Exact details of this process,
along with text information will be announced in the first class meeting.