The Delph Lab

Department of Biology, 1001 East Third Street,Indiana University,
Bloomington, IN 47405, USA

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Left to right: Raechel Hearth, Bryce Robeson, Stephanie Lindsell, Lynda Delph, Jay Goldberg, Aining Wang

Current graduate students -- Jay Goldberg, Stephanie Lindsell, Diego Rios

Current undergraduate students -- Raechel Hearth, Bryce Robeson, Sylvie Martin-Eberhard

Past Ph.D. students, what they are doing now, and their thesis titles --

Kayri Havens '94
(Director of Plant Science and Conservation, Chicago Botanic Gardens)

Nonrandom reproductive success in an endangered evening primrose (Oenothera organensis Munz)

Deborah Marr '97
(Associate Professor, Indiana University at South Bend)

Effects of a pollinator-transmitted pathogen (Microbotryum violaceum) on the
population biology of a long-lived host (
Silene acaulis)

Sandra Davis '98
(Associate Professor, University of Indianapolis)

Ecological and genetic factors maintaining stamen production in females of
cryptically dioecious
Thalictrum pubescens Pursh (Ranunculaceae)

Cynthia Weinig '98
(Professor, University of Wyoming)

Phytochrome photoreceptors, developmental flexibility and plant adaptation to heterogeneous environments

Dana Dudle '99
(Associate Professor, DePauw University)

Maintenance and consequences of females in the gynodioecious plant, Lobelia siphilitica

Naoki Takebayashi '00
(Associate Professor, University of Alaska)

Self-fertilization, genetic associations, and genetic architecture: understanding
the components of mating-system evolution

Maia Bailey '02
(Associate Professor, Providence College)

The genetic components of sex expression in a gynodioecious species

Frank Frey '03
(Associate Professor, Colgate University)

Floral evolution: how pollinators, herbivores, and pathogens maintain floral-color variation
in natural populations of Claytonia virginica

Jeremiah Busch '05
(Associate Professor, Washington State University)

The evolution of self-compatibility and its genetic consequences in Leavenworthia alabamica (Brassicaceae)

Ingrid Anderson '05
(Program Coordinator - Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center)

The role of developmental constraint in mating-system evolution in Leavenworthia: a quantitative genetic analysis

Amanda Brothers '10

Pre- and post-zygotic isolating barriers in Silene

Phil Nista '13
(freelance editing)

Postpollination reproductive isolation and inbreeding depression in the genus Silene

Rebecca Penny '15
(Assistant Professor, Aquinas College)

Cryptic dioecy and evolution of pollen morphology in Thalictrum

Laura Weingartner '15

Viability and fecundity selection differentially drive local adaptation in two divergent populations of Silene latifolia

Deidra Jacobsen '16
(Postdoc, Cornell University)

Plant-insect interactions shape plant resource allocation and herbivore responses in Solanaceous species


Past Master's students --

Kelly Sullivan 1992, Neil Kenny 1995, Marianne Laporte 1994, Suzanne Folke 1994, Jennifer Richardson 2010, Jonathan Andicoechea 2011

Past Postdocs --

Ingrid Anderson (Vanderbilt University), Michele Arntz (Oregon), Maia Bailey (Providence College), Daniela Bell (Minnesota), Steven Carroll (Blandy Experimental Field), Rebecca Flanagan (Texas), Janet Gehring (Bradley Univesity), Chris Herlihy (Middle Tennessee State University), Benjamin Montgomery (University of South Carolina, Upstate), Pia Mutikainen (Zurich), Molly Nepokroeff (University of South Dakota), Maureen Levri (Penn State-Altoona), Ivan Scotti (INRA-ECOFOG, French Guiana), Thomas Städler (ETH Zurich), Janet Steven (Christopher Newport University), Amanda Brothers