History of Delta Gamma
Legend of Hannah

"Well, well, well, Hannah! My Delta Gamma..."

The idea of Hannah first surfaced in an old Vaudeville hit, "Hannah from Indiana" by R.H. Wilson who would later become a DG dad. The familiar Delta Gamma song, "Hannah," has been sung since the 1930's.

During the 1950's, Hannah transformed into a perky, pigtailed blonde sporting a sailor blouse and skirt. This Hannah became the model for the Hannah that Delta Gammas had sung about. Rag doll copies began to appear, and in the 1970's, Raggedy Ann Hannahs surfaced as well.

Hannah is, indeed, the ideal Delta Gamma. She is loyal and true, and engraved over her heart for anyone to read is "I love you." However, she's more than that; unlike our anchor and cream rose, which are symbols of golden ideals, our Hannah is based on fun. Hannah is devoted to her work, to her sisters, and to the anchor. She wears both the Pi Alpha pin and the anchor pin.

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