Little 500
Little 500 Team

Delta Gamma's Ellexis Howey celebrates the team's 2013 victory with her team and DG sisters. IDS photo.

The 2018 Team:

Laurie Bignal
Junior from Carmel, IN; majoring in Apparel Merchandising; 3rd year rider; 2018 ITT time: 2:48.250

Audrey Morlan
Junior from Olathe, KS; majoring in Public Financial Management; 3rd year rider; 2018 ITT time: 2:39.583

Hanna Coppens
Junior from Mishawaka, IN; majoring in Marketing and Professional Sales; 3rd year rider; 2018 ITT time: 2:37.235

You can follow the team throughout the year on:
Twitter: @DeeGeeCycling
Facebook: Delta-Gamma-Cycling

You can support the DG Little 500 team with a contribution via PayPal.