The membership recruitment process (formerly known as "rush") of the chapters of women's fraternities at Indiana University begins in the Fall, with an information meeting and Panhellenic registration.

Registration with the Panhellenic Association is conducted during normal business hours in the Office of Greek Affairs: Panhellenic Association, IMU Room 33. There is a non-refundable registration fee. Registration ends Nov. 14, 2017.

The calendar for 2018 recruitment for women who attain a 2.8 cumulative GPA for Fall 2017 semester:

  • January 3: Open Round Day 1 (22 chapters)
  • January 4: Open Round Day 2 (22 chapters)
  • January 5: Open Round Day 3 (22 chapters)
  • January 6: First Invite Day 1 (16 chapters)
  • January 7: First Invite Day 2 (16 chapters)
  • January 8-11: Break for classes
  • January 12: Second Invite Day 1 (up to 9 chapters)
  • January 13: Second Invite Day 2
  • January 14: Preference Round (up to 2 chapters)
  • January 16: Bid Day

Delta Gamma alumnae and initiated collegians are invited to send sponsorship forms and letters of recommendation to the chapter about potential members to Amanda Huffine, director of recruitment, at the chapter house (105 North Jordan Avenue, Bloomington IN 47405) or by e-mail to Hallie Benjamin. Please send as early as possible during the Fall semester.

The Delta Gamma Sponsor Form is available for downloading. (Note: It is a pdf file that can be printed and mailed or sent as an e-mail attachment.)

Delta Gamma collegiate members and alumnae with sisters, daughters or granddaughters registered for recruitment should notify the chapter and provide sponsorship forms and letters of sponsorship for their family member to be considered as a legacy. (The chapter often does not have legacy information.)