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Each semester we have two formals, Winter Formal and Crush Dance. The girls get all dressed up in their dresses and heels and have a great social event with each other!


Each semester is full of social events for the women at Delta Gamma. First semester usually consists of a semi-formal in addition to a date party, usually around Halloween or Christmas. A highlight during first semester is Homecoming week with social events paired with a fraternity.

Second semester is also full of fun for the women. We have another semi-formal in February called Crush Dance including a date party. Two big and exciting weeks with social events are Bid Week and Little 500 week. Bid Week, a celebration of our new women pledging the chapter, is the first week of second semester. This week's events range from renting out restaurants, bowling, or a four-way dance with other chapters on campus.

Little 500 celebrates the famous bike race that is the centerpiece of "The World's Greatest College Weekend." Men's and women's chapters are paired and plan events during the week leading up to the men's and women's races.

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