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Teaching Refusals

This activity in this section focuses on refusals and is targeted to learners of intermediate or advanced proficiency. The information presented in this website is based on research regarding the teaching of pragmatics in second or foreign language classrooms (Bardovi-Harlig, Félix-Brasdefer, & Omar 2006; Kasper & Rose 2002; Rose 2005; Rose & Kasper 2001).

While the current activity is targeted to learners of Spanish, teachers of other languages can follow the information below and adapt this activity to teach refusals in other languages.

The theoretical motivation and detailed explanations of the activity below are presented in the following source:

Félix-Brasdefer, J. César (2006). "Teaching the negotiation of multi-turn speechacts. Using conversation-analytic tools to teach pragmatics in the classroom." In K. Bardovi-Harlig, C. Félix-Brasdefer, & A. Omar (Eds.), Pragmatics and Language Learning, vol. 11 (pp. 165-197). Manoa, HI: Second Lanaguage Teaching and Curriculum Center University of Hawai'i.

General instructions:

Instructors should use the pedagogical tools below to teach learners the negotiation of multi-turn speech acts. In this activity instructors will teach the art of refusing in Spanish. Instructors should use the following lesson plan to guide the activity using the target language.

The lesson plan includes the following instructional materials:

The lesson plan for the instructor provided in this website is written in English, but the students' handout is written in Spanish in order to expose students to written and oral input.

Teachers may use the PowerPoint presentation in the classroom to teach this activity, or the information provided in Teacher's Resource Manual.

Transparency Templates (provided in MSWord) include:

Links to the audio segments that correspond to the conversations are available in this website (See Teacher's Manual).

Exercises are provided in this website for additional practice with different speech acts (Exercises in Pragmatics).