Indiana University Bloomington

Diversity Education
Unit of the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs

We encourage your organization(s) to apply for Office of Diversity Education Student Organization Diversity Grants. The purpose of the Student Diversity Grant is to encourage networking and collaborative diversity programming betweeen student groups/organizations which differ on the basis of their perceived identities such as race, culture, religion, and/or sexual orientation.

The goals of the proposed activities are to:

  • Contribute to personal enrichment;
  • Help improve the cultural climate at Indiana University;
  • Provide an educational experience leading to a better understanding of diversity issues.

The highest priority will be given to proposals which directly address issues related toe ethnic minority students at IU. Proposals regarding other diversity issues such as sexual orientation and religion will also be considered. Organizations collaborating on the co-sponsored event must be perceived as racially, culturally, or ethnically different from each other.

Co-sponsoring student organizations must be compliant of the following guidelines in order to be approved for funding:

  • Submit a grant application in electronic format to Eric Love in the Office of Diversity Education at at least two weeks before the event date;
  • Only currently SAO registered student organizations are eligible to receive funding;
  • At least two student groups/organizations with differing identities must participate in the planning and implementation of the event;
  • Only items indicated on the proposal will be funded;
  • Names and emails from all program attendees must be collected for assessment purposes. The events sign-in sheet must be submitted electronically to Eric Love at withing 24-hours after the event;
  • All student coordinators of the event must complete a program planning assessment within five business days of their collaborative program;
  • All publicity and advertising must acknowledge the Office of Diversity Education Grant;
  • An itemized budge with your grant proposal. A grant cannot exceed the amount of $500;
  • Only 10% of allocated funds may be used for food unless there is prior approval.

Student Organization Diversity Grant funds are restricted and may not be used in the following manner:

  • Events/Programs that involve the sale of tickets;
  • Activities held off-campus (unless there is prior approval);
  • Newsletters, journals, newspapers;
  • Student stipends;

If you have any questions call the Office of Diversity Education at (812) 855-2139 or email Eric Love at