Deborah Mauskopf Deliyannis

Associate Professor, Department of History
Office:  Weatherly Hall 131

Omnia disce, videbis postea nichil esse superfluum

"Learn everything, for you will see that it is all useful later on."
-Hugh of St. Victor, Didascalion, vi, 3, 12th century

Teacher:  "I ask you why you are so eager to learn?"
Pupil:  "Because we do not wish to be like stupid animals that know nothing but grass and water."

- Ælfric of Eynsham (955-1020), Colloquy


Course webpages, Fall, 2018

B351:  Western Europe in the Early Middle Ages: (fall 2018)

J300:  Anglo-Saxon England (fall, 2018)

Old course webpages:

B208:  Pagans and Christians in the Middle Ages: (spring 2018)

H610/710:  Ethnicity and Identity in Antiquity and the Middle Ages: (fall 2017)

H610/710:  Medieval Historiography (spring 2017)

B348:  Byzantine History (fall 2016)

J400:  Capital Cities (fall 2016)

H206: Medieval Civilization  (fall 2015)

H610/710:  Essential Readings in Late Antiquity  (fall 2014)

H610/710:  The Fall of Rome (fall 2013)

H206:  Medieval Civilization (honors section) (spring, 2012)

H610/710:  The Anglo-Saxon World  (fall, 2011)

H610/710:  Barbarians  (spring, 2011)
J400:  Pagans and Christians in the Early Middle Ages  (spring, 2010)
H610:  Essential Readings in Early Medieval History  (spring, 2010)
E104:  Pagans and Christians in the Middle Ages (fall, 2009)
H610:  Medieval Rome  (spring, 2007)
J400:  Anglo-Saxon England  (fall, 2006)
B204:  Medieval Heroes (spring, 2006)
A214:  Art and Life in Ancient Rome (fall, 2005)
A329:  Art of the Anglo-Saxon World (summer, 2005)
E103:  Sacred Places  (spring, 2005)
B352:  Later Medieval History  (spring, 2005)
A101:  Ancient and Medieval Art  (spring, 2004)

Other material
Curriculum vitae
Ravenna in Late Antiquity (Cambridge University Press, 2010)
Maps of Ravenna
The Medieval Review (TMR)