Giedroc Group

Key players from the Winkler and Giedroc groups at IU who made contributions to the pneumococcal copper resistance story recently published in Nature Chemical Biology. L to R: John Lisher, Kevin Bruce, Prof. David Giedroc, Tiffany Tsui, Khadine Higgins, Yue Fu. Not pictured: Profs. Malcolm Winkler and Charles Dann.

Principal Investigator
Professor David Giedroc
(812) 856-3178
Curriculum Vitae
Postdoctoral Scientists

Katie EdmondsDr. Katie Edmonds
Postdoctoral Scientist

Julia MartinDr. Julia Martin
Postdoctoral Scientist
Daiana CapdevilaDr. Daiana Capdevila
Postdoctoral Scientist
Graduate Students
Hui PengHui Peng
Graduate Student (yr 3)
Jingchuan ShenJiangchuan Shen
Graduate Student (yr 7)
Jiefei WangJiefei Wang
Graduate Student (yr 3)
Aaron LeeAaron Lee
Graduate Student (yr 3)
John LishnerJohn Lisher
Graduate Student (yr 7)
Adjunct Members

Hongwei WuHongwei Wu
MetaCyt Biomolecular NMR Lab

Kevin BruceKevin Bruce
Lab Technician (Winkler Lab)
John LishnerBritta Rued
Graduate Student
(Winkler Lab)
Undergraduate Students

Hendrick GlauningerHendrik Glauninger
STARS Undergraduate Student
Hendrick GlauningerChris Dietrich(in cognito)
Undergraduate Student
Emily ReidyEmily Reidy
Undergraduate Student
Hendrick GlauningerJoe Peculis
Undergraduate Web Editor