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Indiana University Bloomington

Indiana University Drumline


The Indiana University Drumline strives each year to reach our goal of excellence in performance. However, this goal is not easily met. Being a member of the drumline requires a vested dedication to hard work, and a trustworthiness to be personally accountable for your own excellence. After two or three weeks in the season our members have memorized 5-6 exercises, an onfield warm-up, an elaborate drum solo to “Sing, Sing, Sing,” our series of 4-5 cadences, our long list of stand tunes, and Indiana’s “pre-game” repertoire of school songs. On top of this, there is brand new show music and drill for each home game. This makes membership in the IU Drumline quite rigorous, but also prestigious among our University peers.

Apart from the musical aspects, we take pride in the close bonds of brotherhood that are forged within our organization.  It is common for students to remain a drumline member for all four years of their IU experience, and maintain their drumline friendships for the rest of their life.  As Scott Johnson says, "if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong!"  And we VERY much take pride in doing it "right" here in the IU Drumline.  

The IU Drumline functions as an integral part of the IU Marching Hundred. Everything we do is to strengthen that relationship, bolstering the band program and supporting IU Athletics. When you join the IU Drumline, you are joining into a much bigger world. You are joining the Indiana University Marching Hundred, under the direction of David Woodley. If you haven’t visited the Marching Hundred Website yet, please do: Marching Hundred Website

"Sweet Beats and Good Times."

PASIC 2011