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The learning of second and foreign languages is a rich and fascinating process involving linguistic, psychological, and cultural and social dimensions. Indiana University's Department of Second Language Studies is dedicated to teaching and research on the structure, acquisition, and use of nonnative language (in both instructed and contact contexts). We currently offer (1) two MA programs and a PhD program designed to train the next generation of foreign and second language professionals as both researchers and teachers; (2) an undergraduate minor designed to provide a firm foundation in second language acquisition; and (3) an English Language Improvement Program designed to assist matriculated undergraduate and graduate students and an Intensive English Program designed to prepare international students for study at English-speaking universities.

Second Language Psycholinguistics Lab

Language Assessment Lab (LAL)

Instructed SLA Lab

Test of English Proficiency for International Associate Instructor Candidates (TEPAIC)

SLS Colloquium

Current News

Faculty Member David Stringer initiated a community outreach program working with local elementary schools to help instill a sense of wonder of life on Earth (both linguistic and biological.) Read more about the project and the student's wonderful reaction to it on IU Inc.

Helping Fifth Graders Understand the Relationship Between Saving Rainforests and Language.



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