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Graduate Certificate in Applied Linguistics (TESOL)

To be renamed in Fall 2016:
Graduate Certificate in TESOL and Applied Linguistics

The Certificate in TESOL and Applied Linguistics is a practical two-semester program designed to enable students to work as successful teachers of the English language to adult speakers of other languages. The Certificate requires twenty (20) credit hours of course work and a level of English language proficiency commensurate with effective teaching of English.

In the Fall semester, students take:

SLST-T510, Modern English Grammar (3 cr.)
SLST-T514, English Phonology for Language Learning and Teaching (3 cr.)
ONE of the following
--- SLST-T502, Communications Skills for International Associate Instructors (3 cr.)*1
--- A 3-credit elective in SLST numbered 500 or higher
SLST-T5xx, Proseminar in Applied Linguistics (1 cr.)*2

In the Spring semester, students take:

SLST-T550, Language Testing (3 cr.)
SLST-T534, Methods in Teaching ESL/EFL to Adults (TESOL) (3 cr.)
SLST-T535, TESOL Practicum (3 cr.)
SLST-T5xx, TESOL Professionalization Workshop (1 cr.)*2

*1 Required for non-native speakers of English who score below Level 2 on the TEPAIC.
*2 To be piloted in fall 2016 and spring 2017 under SLST-T500.
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