Indiana University Bloomington
Department of Second Language StudiesCollege of Arts and Sciences  


M.A. in Second Language Studies

Admission Requirements

Admission to the M.A. program will be based on evaluations of 


1.    undergraduate grade record,

2.    level of achievement on the Graduate Record Examination General Test,

3.    three letters of recommendation,

4.    undergraduate exposure to linguistics and related course work,

5.    statement of purpose,

6.    curriculum vitae.


Students not satisfying requirement (4) may be admitted, but may be required to do course work prerequisite to introductory graduate courses.

Required Core Courses
All students will complete a total of 30 credits. These will include five courses of the M.A. core plus at least two additional Second Language Studies graduate courses. All students will additionally complete one of three tracks. The M.A. core includes five of the six core courses for the Ph.D. in Second Language Studies:

    S511  Second Language Syntax (3 cr.)

    S512  Second Language Phonology (3 cr.)

    S532  Models of Second Language Acquisition (3 cr.)

    S533  Second Language Acquisition Research Design (3 cr.)

    S536  Research in Second Language Pedagogical Contexts (3 cr.)


Core Electives
Students will complete two additional elective courses in Second Language Studies that will be chosen in consultation with their advisors. Students planning to go on to the doctoral program will want to take elective courses in the master's program that will satisfy requirements for the doctorate.

Each student will select one of the following three tracks: (i) a Second Language Studies track consisting of at least 9 additional credits in the Second Language Studies Department, (ii) a Linguistics track consisting of at least 9 credits in courses in the Linguistics Department, and (iii) a foreign language track consisting of at least 9 credits in a foreign language department.

Language Requirement
Reading knowledge of one foreign language approved by the department.


Optional, maximum of 4 credit hours.


Final Examination


Admission to the Ph.D. in Second Language Studies program
Students who have completed the M.A. in Second Language Studies at IUB must at that point be approved for admission to the Second Language Studies Ph.D. program.