Indiana University Bloomington
Department of Second Language StudiesCollege of Arts and Sciences  


Undergraduate Minor in Second Language Studies

The Undergraduate Minor consists of 5 courses (a total of 15 credit hours, including SLST-S301 and four elective courses chosen from SLST-S302, S304, S305, S306, S308, S312 and S319.


The grade point average of all courses taken in fulfillment of minor requirements must be at least 2.000, and no grade below C- may be used to fulfill minor requirements. For all new matriculating students beginning with Summer 2013, the College of Arts and Sciences requires that all minors must include at least 9 hours of upper-level (300/400) coursework, and 9 credit hours of College of Arts and Sciences coursework on the Bloomington campus.


For course descriptions, please see: For further information about the minor, please contact the Academic Advisor, Jennifer Ashcraft, at