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Meet the Faculty

Jeff Holliday


Contact Information

office: Memorial Hall M03
phone: (812) 855-0032

Research Interests

L1 and L2 acquisition of phonological contrasts; fricative consonants; Korean

Personal Statement

One of my primary interests lies in the process by which language learners (both L1 and L2) build phonological categories from speech input. My dissertation investigated the acquisition of the Korean sibilant fricative contrast by native speakers of Mandarin Chinese and Japanese by comparing the perception of native and early novice listeners. In more recent work I have been investigating the effects of non-auditory linguistic experience on L2 phonological acquisition, and the development of sibilant fricative contrasts in English-acquiring children.

I am also interested in Korean language more generally. After completing my undergraduate degree, I spent some time studying in an intensive Korean language program in Seoul, an experience that significantly influenced the direction of my research. Aside from my work on Korean acquisition, I have done some work on dialect variation in Seoul, Daegu, and Jeju. I am particularly interested in the interactions between dialect, gender, and sound change.

Journal Publications

Holliday, J. J. (To appear) The perception of Seoul Korean fricatives by listeners from five different native dialect and language groups. Korean Linguistics, 16(2).

Holliday, J. J. (2014). The perceptual assimilation of Korean obstruents by native Mandarin listeners. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 135(3), 1585-1595.

Holliday, J. J. (2012). The acoustic realization of the Korean sibilant fricative contrast in Seoul and Daegu. Journal of the Korean Society of Speech Sciences, 4(1), 67-74.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

Kallay, J., Holliday, J. J. (2012). Using spectral measures to differentiate Mandarin and Korean sibilant fricatives. Proceedings of INTERSPEECH 2012.

Holliday, J. J., Kong, E. J. (2011). Dialectal variation in the acoustic correlates of Korean stops. Proceedings of the 17th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS XVII). 878-881.

Holliday, J. J., Beckman, M. E., Mays, C. (2010). Did you say susi or shushi? Measuring the emergence of robust fricative contrasts in English- and Japanese-acquiring children. Proceedings of INTERSPEECH 2010. 1886-1889.

Holliday, J. J. (2010). An acoustic study of L2 perceptual acquisition of Korean fricatives. In Ik-Hwan Lee (ed.), Harvard Studies in Korean Linguistics XIII. Cambridge, Ma: Harvard University.