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César Félix-Brasdefer

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Research Interests

Personal Statement

My research examines issues of discourse pragmatics, face theory, politeness theory, and the intersection between speech act theory and conversation analysis. I am particularly interested in both politeness as practice and in the scientific conceptualization of politeness as a theoretical construct. I have conducted research on various aspects of cross-cultural pragmatics, comparing the realization patterns of speech acts and interactional patterns among native speakers of Spanish and English. Also, I am interested in sociopragmatic variation in the Spanish-Speaking world which can be examined by means of an analysis of spoken discourse in two or more varieties of Spanish.

 I also research different aspects of pragmatics in second language learning, including the realization of speech acts and conversational practices. In this respect, I am interested in the intersection between grammar and discourse pragmatics. For example, I am currently investigating the grammatical resources that second language learners use for the construction of turns and how turns are designed and then put into practice in learner-native speaker interactions. Another related interest is how prosody (e.g., intonation, stress) contributes to pragmatic meaning in conversation. I am currently designing a website that aims at providing a model for the teaching of pragmatics in second and foreign language contexts. The website is based on research in instruction in second language pragmatics and includes on-line activities to equip educators to teach various aspects of pragmatics in the classroom. In addition, the site features a component on pragmatic variation in the Spanish-speaking world and a series of speech acts that will be available in audio. This website will be available in March 2007.

Courses Recently Taught


Félix-Brasdefer, J. César. (2008). Politeness in Mexico and the United States: A contrastive study of the realization and perception of refusals.  Amsterdam:  John Benjamins.

Bardovi-Harlig, Kathleen, Félix-Brasdefer, J. César, Omar, Alwiya. (Eds.) (2006). Pragmatics and Language Learning, vol. 11. Manoa, HI: Second Language Teaching and Curriculum Center University of Hawai’i.

Journal Articles

Félix-Brasdefer, J. C. (in press).  Intra-lingual pragmatic variation in Mexico City and San José, Costa Rica: A focus on regional differences in female requests.  Journal of Pragmatics

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Recent Book Chapters

Félix-Brasdefer, J. C. (2010).  Data collection methods in speech act performance: DCTs, role plays, and verbal reports.  In E. Usó Juán and A. Martínez-Flor (eds), Speech act performance: Theoretical, Empirical, and methodological issues.  John Benjamins Publishing.

Félix-Brasdefer, J. C., & Bardovi-Harlig, K. (2010). "I'm sorry. Can I think about it?"  The negotiation of refusals in academic and non-academic contexts.  In D. Tatsuki & N. Houck (Eds.), Pragmatics From Research to Practice: Teaching Speech Acts.  Alexandria, VA: TESOL. 

Book Reviews

Félix-Brasdefer, J. C. (2010).  Acknowledgments: Structure of phraseology of gratitude in PhD dissertations.  Journal of Pragmatics.

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Félix-Brasdefer, J. C. (2004).  Gender and politeness by Sara Mills (2003).  Cambridge University Press.  Available in the Linguist List online at: