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Photo of Fringed Sedge

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Fringed Sedge (Carex crinita)

Native perennial sedge of swamps, sloughs, and wet meadows and prairies

Slight shade to full sun and wet to moist conditions (plant in low, wet areas)

Spikelets change color from whitish green to bronze as they mature, May - July

Grows 2 - 4 ft.

Faunal Associations: Fringed Sedge is eaten by a variety of insects, including

    • Leaf beetles
    • Seed bugs
    • Sheild bugs
    • Caterpillars
    • However, Carex spp. are wind-pollinated

Fun Fact: The seeds and foliage of Fringed Sedge are a source of food for ducks, rails, turtles, White-Tailed Deer, and Black Bears; muskrats feed on the roots, stems, and sprouts

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