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Dunn's Woods Restoration and Education Project

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How can I get involved?

Currently, the Dunn’s Woods Project is hosting weekly volunteer workdays that are aimed at mitigating invasive species, particularly the invasive Purple Wintercreeper, and also the planting of native woodland species. We are currently working to restore two ~10 acre woodlands in the Bloomington community, Dunn's Woods on the Indiana Univerisity Campus and Latimer Woods on the east side of town by College Mall. Volunteer workdays are an hour long and weekly participation is not required.We encourage volunteers to come as they can and all necessary tools and gloves are provided. These opportunities are a great way to spend time outside, meet new people, and help protect and revive IU’s campus and the Bloomington community! Look below for a calendar with specifc dates and times for the Fall 2012 semester and detailed directions on how to reach each site.

Project Update: Summer 2012 Restoration Efforts

We are so thankful for all the wonderful volunteers who assisted in our restoration efforts this summer. Over 50 new volunteers participated in the workdays this summer. Their restoration efforts resulted in the manual clearing of ~0.5 acres of Purple Wintercreeper and the planting of over 700 wildflowers! You hardwork has not gone unnoticed! Additonally, volunteers from Monroe County's Identify and Reduce Invasive Species and Bloomington Parks and Recreation conducted an herbicide treament on the remaining Purple Wintercreeper in August and this treatment is beginning to settle in. The Purple Wintercreeper will die off and free space for the planting of additional native species this fall and spring. We would like to extend a special thanks to IU's Biology Students for a Greener World, General Motors in Bedford, and Bloomington Volunteer Network participants for their continued support.

Fall 2012 Events Calendar:


Contact Information:

Feel free to email us with questions regarding volunteer opportunites, partnership opportunities, or any additional comments or concerns. The project email is