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Photo of Hairy Woodland Brome

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Hairy Woodland Brome (Bromus pubescens)

Native perennial grass of mesic woodlands, woodland and savanna areas bordering rivers, thickets, and the edges of swamps

Some sun to light shade and moist to moderate conditions (plant anywhere)

Spikelets are light green or grey-green when immature and brown at maturity, June - July

Grows 2.5 - 4 ft.

Faunal Associations:

    • Faunal associations for Hairy Woodland Brome are not well documented, but the larvae of the leaf beetle, Chalepus walshii, and the moth, Elachista illectella, may feed on it

Fun Fact: Wild Turkey, Ruffed Grouse, and the White-Footed Mouse eat the seeds

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