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Indiana University

Dunn's Woods Restoration and Education Project

Our Team

This campus-community collaboration involves diverse areas of expertise at Indiana University and in the conservation profession.

The local invasive species task force, Monroe County Identify and Reduce Invasive Species (MC-IRIS), is a key partner.

Mia Williams John Bauer

Anita Bracalente
Landscape Historian,


Jim Capshew

Assoc. Prof., Hist. & Phil. Sci.
Indiana University


Roger Hangarter
Professor, Biology
Indiana University


Heather Reynolds
Assoc. Prof., Biology
Indiana University


Mia Williams
Landscape Architect

Indiana University


Jonathan Bauer
Ph.D. Candidate, Biology

Indiana University


Haley Prihoda Tony Minich Renee Albrecht

Haley Prihoda
Sustainability Intern
and History

Indiana University


Tony Minich
Environmental Educational Researcher



Steve Cotter
Natural Resources Manager,
Bloomington Parks & Recreation
Member, MC-IRIS


Ellen Jacquart




Spencer Goehl

Member, MC-IRIS



Renee Albrecht
Restoration Research Intern



Nathan Wells
Outreach Coordinator
Indiana University

(BS Human Biology, 2011)