EALC C571: Early Chinese Philosophical Texts
The Analects and Text Critical Scholarship on Pre-Qin Works
  Spring 2005


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               仲尼弟子列傳  pdf    text of 論語 citations 
               孔子世家 pdf  (translation  text of 論語 citations
                        list of cited passages in both 史記 chapters

    List of Lunyu jijie commentators

   Confucius and the Origins of Confucianism

   On Lunyu VIII

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Historical Issues (Confucius, Disciples, etc.) 
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At left, a ; at right, the of Li (利), inscribed with the only
contemporary record of the Zhou conquest of the Shang.



The Great Bronze Age of China (NY: 1980)

觚不觚.觚哉! 觚哉!







Ritual & Reverence (Chic.: 1989)