Shipwreck Parks of Bayahibe

Indiana University's Office of Underwater Science actively participates in the preservation of submerged cultural resources in Dominican Republic. Currently, Indiana University students are focusing on several underwater sites of cultural and biological significance. IU is assisting the La Romana-Bayahíbe Hotel Association in establishment of underwater shipwreck parks in the Bayahíbe area to raise public awareness of the value of submerged cultural and biological resources and to preserve these resources for the future.

St. George
A former Norwegian cargo ship, this modern wreck was deliberately sunk in 1999 in front of Club Viva Dominicus to create an artificial reef.
1724 Guadalupe Underwater Archaeological Preserve
Opened in July 2002, the Preserve is an underwater archaelogical museum created for divers and snorkelers.
A replica shipwreck site
In the vicinity of Parque Nacional Del Este and offshore Hotel Canoa, IU is creating a replica shipwreck site to educate the public about the archaeology of shipwrecks and the importance of maritime heritage to Dominican history.
Caballo Blanco Reef
This site contains an eclectic mix of New World artifacts including nine 18th Century origin cannons and numerous 16th Century Spanish anchors, bombards, breeches, and versos.
Park Recommendations
Original recommendations regarding the creation, assessment and monitoring of the Bayabihe area parks.

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