St. George Diver Information

Accessibility: This site is easy to access. Less than a mile from shore, the St. George is a main attraction for the local dive companies. It is a deep dive, the descent line travels 53'.

Dimensions: The 240 feet long and 41 feet wide St. George sits upright and intact in 50 to 140 feet of water. The stern rises above the freighter at a depth of about 50 feet. Dominant features include the wheelhouse; smoke stack, elect capstain, and cargo holds. The hinging masts broke off the ship as she sank.

Current: Mild

Diver Level: The dive is best suited for advanced divers and the recommended depth is from 50 to 105 feet, even though the bow is located in 140 feet of water. A good dive site for a deep dive with great visibility.

Visibility: Clear. Averages from 30' to 70', depending on environmental conditions.

Comments: The St. George has already attracted hundreds of tourists in the first year since she sank. Currents are normally mild, and the marine life is progressively securing habitat on the wreck.

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