Dominican Republic Research: Digital Video Footage

Dominican Republic Research

Digital Video Footage

Original video from Indiana University field research projects in Dominican Republic. Specific site: La Aleta, Parque Nacional del Este.

  • Underwater recovery of highly decorated Phallic Potiza Neck with Caritas.

  • Underwater recovery of 1494-1503 Spanish Influence Jar.

  • Underwater recovery of ceramic artifact-(PNE-01-A-0026)

  • Divers must rappel and lower equipment 50 feet into La Aleta.

  • Underwater mapping techniques in La Aleta.

  • Unique example of a Taino basket dating AD 1275 to 1435 prior to Spanish contact.

  • Video footage of a diver collecting artifacts on the cap rock.

  • Video from a diver ascending underneath the boat.

  • Surface video of ceramic artifacts recovered from La Aleta.

  • Rotating Taino Artifact Hi-8mm Video Format (PNE-01-A-0128)

  • Discovery Channel On-Line, Animal Planet program "Quest", aired November 28, 1999. Featured IU research - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE.

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