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M.A. in Language Pedagogy « M.A. Program « Graduate Studies

This program is specifically designed for those who intend to teach East Asian languages at the university level. It takes full advantage of the department's innovative and award-winning language pedagogy program to offer students unparalleled training in such subjects as designing language curricula, the production of teaching materials, as well as instruction in the methods of language training.

Admission Requirement
An undergraduate degree with at least two years of the student’s proposed language of specialization.

Course Requirements
A total of 30 credit hours, including M.A project hours, in approved courses. Ordinarily, at least 20 of these credit hours must be from among the courses listed under “Chinese” or “Japanese” (depending on the student’s proposed language of specialization). Of these, students in Chinese language pedagogy must take C535, C520, C525, and C527; students in Japanese must take J520, J525, and J527. Also required is one semester of Literary Chinese (C506 or C507) or Literary Japanese (J506 or J507). E526 and E596 are recommended. The remaining credit hours can be taken from courses in Education (e.g., L520 and L630), Linguistics (e.g., L503), TESOL/Applied Linguistics (e.g., T532 and T550), and East Asian culture courses, in consultation with the advisor. Except for overseas study credits, normally a maximum of 3 credit hours of E595 may be counted toward the degree.

Language Requirements
Completion of the fourth-year level or equivalent in the student's major language. 

An MA project demonstrating the student’s pedagogical skills is required. May be taken up to 4 credit hours.