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Courses taught

Regular Courses

EALC-E 320 Tasting Food in Japanese: Food, Language, and Linguistics
EALC-J 101/102 First-Year Japanese
EALC-J 201/202 Second-Year Japanese
EALC-J 401/402 Fourth-Year Japanese
EALC-J 421/520 Introduction to Japanese Linguistics

Other Courses

EALC-E 350 Studies in East Asian Society: Tasting Food in Japanese Food, Language, and Linguistics
EALC-E 505 Linguistic Issues in Translation
EALC-J 425 Teaching Japanese as a Second Language
First-Year Japanese via Interactive Television
Readings in Japanese Linguistics
Syntactic Issues in East Asian Languages
Second Language Acquisition in East Asian Languages
Structure of Japanese
LING-L 546 Semantics Seminar on Lexical Semantics
EALC-E505/LING-L700 Sound Symbolism: Form, Meaning, and Function





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