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Images of China, Japan, Korea

Associate Instructors and Visiting Lecturers « People

EALC AIs - Fall 2011

Office: Goodbody 003-2

Area Studies

EALC-E 100 

Office: Goodbody 003-5


First Year:  EALC-C101

Second Year: EALC-C201
Third-Year: EALC-C301/C533
Fourth Year: EALC-C401/C543

Office: Goodbody 003-2

Chinese Flagship Courses
Chinese in the Humanities: EALC-C457/C557
Chinese in the Social Sciences: EALC-C467/C567


Office: Goodbody 003-1

First Year: EALC-J101
Japanese for Advanced Beginners: EALC-J110

Office: Goodbody 003-6

Second Year: EALC-J201

Office: Goodbody 003-6

Third Year: EALC-J301/J533

Office: Goodbody 003-2


First Year: EALC-K101
Second Year: EALC-K201
Third Year: EALC-K301