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Michael Crandol « Faculty

Gardner BovingdonVisiting Assistant Professor, EALC

Office:  GA 2053


Research Interests

Courses Recently Taught

  • Japanese Horror Cinema
  • Classical Japanese Literature
  • Edo Pop: Japan's Premodern Popular Culture
  • Japanese Cinema: Canon and Cult

Awards and Distinctions

Publication Highlights

Michael Crandol received his PhD. in Asian Literatures, Cultures, and Media with a minor in Moving Image Studies at the University of Minnesota in 2015. His research focuses on the history of the horror film genre in Japan during the prewar and early postwar eras. Professor Crandolís interest in Japanese horror was sparked by a lifelong love of classic B-grade monster movies, as well as the literary and folkloric traditions behind the monsters that inhabit them. He is currently working on an article about Suzuki Sumiko, Japanís first horror film star, while also preparing his doctoral dissertation for publication as a book that will offer both a social history of the horror film in Japan as well as a theory of horror cinema that accounts for culturally diverse understandings of the supernatural and horrific.

As a visiting professor at the College of William & Mary in Virginia, Professor Crandol taught a wide array of courses on Japanese film, literature, and culture, including Classical Japanese literature, Japanese horror cinema, and a seminar on popular culture of the Edo period (1603-1868). He has also taught courses on fantasy film and literature in East Asia and looks forward to sharing his love of genre fiction and film with the students at Indiana.