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Indiana University Bloomington

Images of China, Japan, Korea


Current Faculty

Faculty Member Discipline Areas Contact Office Hours
Yasuko Akiyama
(EALC) Japanese Language
Goodbody Hall 329
(812) 855-7171
Yingling Bao

(EALC) Chinese Language
Goodbody Hall 202
(812) 855-5619
Heather Blair
Assistant Professor
(Religious Studies, EALC) Japanese religion
Sycamore Hall 230 812-855-2495
Gardner Bovingdon
Associate Professor
(CEUS, EALC) Comparative and Chinese politics; Xinjiang studies
Goodbody Hall 344
(812) 856-0230
Yea-Fen Chen

Director, Chinese Flagship Program

(EALC) Chinese Language
Goodbody Hall 226
(812) 855-4249
Yunseong Cheon
(EALC) Korean Language
Stephanie De Boer
Assistant Professor
(Communications & Culture, EALC) East Asian cinema and media
800 E 3rd. Rm 251
(812) 856-3708
Michael Foster
Associate Professor
(Folklore & Ethnomusicology & EALC) Japanese Folklore
506 N Fess, Room 202
(812) 855-0395
Sara Friedman
Associate Professor
(Anthropology, Gender Studies, EALC) Anthropology of China
Student Building 158
(812) 856-4595

Ling-yu Hung
Assistant Professor

(Anthropology, EALC) Archaeology of China
Student Building 164
(812) 856-6862
Michael Ing
Assistant Professor
(Religious Studies, EALC) Chinese religion
Sycamore Hall 230
Gregory Kasza


(EALC) Modern Japanese politics and business
Goodbody Hall 320
(812) 855-3224
Scott Kennedy
Associate Professor

Director, Research Center for Chinese Politics and Business

(EALC, Political Science) Contemporary Chinese and East Asian politics
Goodbody Hall 205
(812) 856-0105
Hyo Sang Lee
Associate Professor

Korean Language Program Coordinator

(EALC) Korean language and linguistics
Goodbody Hall 229
(812) 855-8721
Adam Liff
Assistant Professor
Chien-Jer Charles Lin
Assistant Professor

(EALC) Chinese linguistics and psycholinguistics
Goodbody Hall 221
(812) 855-5180
Manling Luo
Assistant Professor

(EALC) Chinese literature
Goodbody Hall 246
(812) 856-0833
Misako Matsubara
Senior Lecturer
(EALC) Japanese language
Goodbody Hall 224
(812) 855-5169
Ethan Michelson
Associate Professor
(Sociology, EALC) Contemporary Chinese society
Ballantine Hall 768
(812) 856-1521
Scott O'Bryan
Associate Professor
(EALC, History) Modern Japanese history
Goodbody Hall 332
(812) 855-2454


Morten Oxenboell
Assistant Professor
(EALC) Japanese History
Goodbody Hall 328
Jean Robinson
(Political Science, EALC) Modern Chinese politics
Kirkwood 104
(812) 856-0827
Michael Robinson
(EALC) Korean Studies: History; cultural, transnational studies
Goodbody Hall 227
(812) 855-3635
Richard Rubinger
(EALC) Edo and Meiji Japan; education in Japan
Goodbody Hall 345
(812) 855-4407
Edith Sarra
Associate Professor

Director of Graduate Studies
(EALC) Japanese literature
Goodbody Hall 225
(812) 855-4031


Jonathon Schlesinger (History, EALC)
Ballantine Hall 742
(812) 855-3236
Aaron Stalnaker
Associate Professor
(Religious Studies, EALC) Chinese religious studies
Sycamore 203
(812) 855-8089
Marvin Sterling
Assistant Professor
(Anthropology, EALC) Contemporary Japan
Student Building 166
(812) 855-3858
Henghua Su
Assistant Professor

Chinese Language Program Coordinator

(EALC) Chinese language and pedagogy
Goodbody Hall 245 812-855-8763



Michiko Suzuki
Associate Professor

Director of Undergraduate Studies

(EALC) Modern Japanese literature
Goodbody Hall 327
(812) 856-7002


Natsuko Tsujimura

Department Chair

(EALC) Japanese linguistics
Goodbody Hall 247
(812) 855-0856

Goodbody Hall 316
(812) 855-5884

By Appointment Only
Sue Tuohy
Senior Lecturer
(Folklore & Ethnomusicology, EALC) Chinese culture
Folklore Institute,
504 N Fess
(812) 856-0203
Yasuko Watt
Visiting Associate Professor

Interim Japanese Language Program Coordinator

(EALC) Japanese language and culture; Japanese language pedagogy
Goodbody 223
Tie Xiao
Assistant Professor
(EALC) Modern Chinese literature
Goodbody Hall 324
(812) 855-7109
Mateus Yumarnamto
Indonesian language and culture

Adjunct Faculty

Faculty Member Department Fields Contact  
Rick Harbaugh
Associate Professor, Business Economics
(Business) Economics, Business economics
Business School 442
(812) 855-2777
Heidi Ross
Professor, Education

Director, East Asian Studies Center

(Education) Education and schooling in China
Education 4238
(812) 856-8389


Faculty Member Department Fields Contact
Wen-ling Diana Liu Librarian, East Asian Collection
Main Library E860
Office: (812) 855-9695
Fax: (812) 855-8068