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Julia Luo « Faculty

Julia LuoLecturer, EALC
Associate Language Coordinator, Chinese Language Program

cluo at
Goodbody Hall 227
(812) 855-3635


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I came to IU originally to study Christian hermeneutics and Chinese religions. A pursuit for “comparative studies” forced me to examine the usefulness of ideological parallelism and to turn to a more historical and contextual approach. I realized that a true discourse begins only when one is willing to enter the other’s world with no preconceived agenda. This type of deep encounter can then create a transformation on the self, which is the most beautiful form of hermeneutic dance that I know of. When my son became diagnosed with autism, I changed my focus to language teaching. Daily I teach my son his first human language and most of my students their first foreign language. I learn to enter their worlds so that they would enter mine. I find it immensely rewarding to help students negotiate between two linguistically affected cognitive structures. I enjoy learning language pedagogy much the same way I enjoy studying cultural and hermeneutic discourses. I see myself as a cultural interpreter who does not really interpret.