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Richard Rubinger « Faculty

Richard RubingerProfessor, EALC
Adjunct Professor, History
Adjunct Professor, Education
GA 2075
(812) 855-4407


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My training and research interests straddle traditional disciplines and academic designations. I was trained in both Japanese history and comparative education, and have taught Japanese since early in my career. My main academic focus has been the history of Japanese education during the Tokugawa and Meiji periods (roughly from the early seventeenth to the beginning of the twentieth century). My current work on the history of literacy in Japan has forced me out of an earlier, and quite narrow, institutional interest, toward looking at culture and learning in Japanese society in very broad terms. Reading the extensive literature on literacy in Europe and the U.S. has provided theoretical perspective and given me a far more solid comparative base for understanding Japanese society than I ever had before. I am currently working on a book on the subject of literacy in Japanese history.