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Images of Japan

Edith Sarra « Faculty

Edith Sarra

Director of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor, EALC
Adjunct Associate Professor, Gender Studies
Adjunct Associate Professor, Comparative Literature

esarra at
Goodbody Hall 225
(812) 855-4031


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I am currently at work on a book entitled Wishful Thinking: Gender, Genealogy, and Fantasy in the Later Fiction of the Japanese Court. In it I explore preoccupations with gender, notions of paternal/maternal lineages between literary texts, authors, and characters, and tensions between the realistic and the fantastic in fictional tales of the imperial court in late classical Japan (ca. 1075 - 1250). I am interested in understanding how the declining aristocracy used fictional tales as a medium for envisioning creative allegories and alternatives for its own political and cultural predicament(s). The literature courses I teach reflect these interests as well as a number of others, related and unrelated to premodern Japan: spirit possession and mediumship, the craft of poetic translation as it has been practiced by Anglo-American Modernist and contemporary American expatriate poets, modes of autobiography and memoir, and intersections between poetry, spirituality, travel, and exile.