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Staff Member Contact Responsibilities
Marsha Wright
Fiscal Officer
msuwrigh at
GA 2035


Serves as assistant to the chair, office manager, and fiscal officer. In general, works on matters relating to the department as a whole, including managing the department budget, acting as policy consultant for faculty, coordinating faculty recruitment and the tenure/promotion process, and supervising office operations.
John Boyd
Graduate Student Services Assistant
GA 2050A
(812) 855-7610
Coordinates the graduate admission process, maintains all EALC graduate student records and monitors progress toward graduate degrees. Also helps in coordinating language testing in Chinese, Japanese and Korean and handles reporting of test results for all three languages.
Olga Bueva
Undergraduate Advisor
obueva at
GA 1036

Monday - Friday

By appointment only:
Monday - Friday

The EALC undergraduate advisor counsels students on the academic programs, services, and opportunities at IU. His duties include: facilitating declaration of major or minor in the EALC department; advising current majors on academic program planning, course selection, career information, and transfer of credit; helping resolve problems regarding degree completion; discussing options for overseas study and refers students to campus services that may be of benefit to them; and informing prospective students (including current high school students, current IU students, and second degree seekers) of options within the department, including language placement, transfer credit, and degree requirements.