Links to study guides for the final exam

The final exam will focus on Japan and Korea. There will be one section consisting of T-F / multiple choice / short answer questions, and a section for extended IDs.  In addition, the final will also include an essay section that will ask you to reflect comparatively on aspects of cultural history pertaining to all three East Asian cultures; you'll need to do some focused review of main themes in the China part of E100 for that portion of the exam; the other sections of the exam will focus exclusively on Japan and Korea.

There will be a total of four study guides: two on Japan, one on Korea, and a brief set of review guidelines to help you prepare for the essay section of the final. The links below will take you to pages designed to help you review material concerning Japan. The guides for Korea and for the East Asia essay section will be posted about a week before the exam - the links will appear on this page and will be announced on our Oncourse site.

The exam will take place on Thursday, May 7, 5:00-7:00 pm, in our usual classroom, Ballantine 340. It will be a closed book exam with no materials other than writing implements permitted.

Study Guide for Traditional Japan

Study Guide for Modern Japan

Study Guide for Korea  

Study Guide for East Asian essay section


The exam is designed to require less than the allotted two hours, but you may have the full amount of time if you need it.

Section 1:  Fifty short answer questions (T/F; blank; multiple choice).  (Fifty minutes: 50%)

Section 2: "Essay IDs" (a total of three, chosen from three sets of two options).  (Thirty minutes: 30%)
  (For an illustration of how to compose an "essay ID," see the example on the midterm study guide. ID items will be selected from the list on the study guide sheets)

Section 3: General East Asian essay question (see the study guide for possible topic areas) (Thirty minutes: 20%)