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Lesson Plan on Tibet and China for Standard 7 (Conflict and Cooperation) of Indiana's Geography and History of the World Standards

Developed by a curriculum specialist and a China specialist, this lesson plan examines the conflict between Tibet and China. All readings, resources, and activities are included. All links are Word documents unless specified.

Lesson Plan

Teacher Materials:
Teacher Reading - Historical Background 1
Teacher Reading - Historical Background 2 (Yarlung Dynasty)
Teacher Reading - Historical Background 3 (Qing Dynasty)
Teacher Reading - Historical Background 4 (20th century) (PDF)
Q&A for Student Reading - Historical Background
Choosing Sides Worksheet 1
Choosing Sides Worksheet 2
Fast Facts
Events Checkmark Worksheet
Events Checkmark Worksheet KEY
Video 24 min

Student Materials:
Vocabulary List
Student Reading - Historical Background
Student Reading - Current Events (2008 Olympics)
Student Reading - Chinese View 1
Student Reading - Chinese View 2
Student Reading - Automony (Moderate) View
Student Reading - Independence View 1
Student Reading - Independence View 2

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